Dual Chains

biting insects

Fly Control systems used in conjunction with a supplement program is a cost effective way of overcoming problems caused by biting insects. Biting insects such as buffalo flies, mosquitoes, sand flies and ticks have cost the cattle industry millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Dual Chains
Back Rub

The Dual Chains Back Rub is a device which improves the coverage of repellent or chemicals which protects livestock from external parasites. This reduces the labour and fly control costs and allows a continual treatment to animals. Dual Chains are easily attached to the roof of the Top Feedas or you can hang from a chain or structure (such as between two trees) about 2 – 2.5 meters from the ground enabling cattle to be coated with a deodorant or repellent while they are consuming supplement.

The Dual Chains are built strong and long lasting, with an easy to use design with each distributer able to hold 1 litre. The distributers are linked to the hanging backrubs, supplying four weeks of insect control for the stock.

The oils are a unique fly control product that is an environmentally friendly and cost effective animal deodorant. It contains essential Australian native and vegetable oils that have aromatic deodorant effects. These oils can be purchased individually.

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