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Top Country’s range of high-quality feeder products can help get the right feed to your livestock no matter the pasture quality. Our feeders offer a simple solution to bring your livestock the nutritious feed they need to increase productivity and profitabilityWith a wide range of feeders and feed for you to choose from, you will be able to find the ultimate solution. Check out our range.   

Our range of feeder systems

We offer a wide range of high-quality feeding systems designed to deliver your livestock with the feed they need. Each of our feeder products provide the ultimate solution to deliver and protect your nutritional supplements, whether it be for dairy, beef, horses, sheep, and more.  Get started by picking the option below that best suits your needs.  


Top Cattle Feeder

Our Top Cattle Feeders have been protecting supplements for over 10 years across Australia. They provide cattle producers with the confidence they need to provide a successful nutrition program 

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Top Sheep & Goat Feeda

The Top Sheep and Goat Feeda has been designed specifically for sheep and goats in order to prevent them from ruining the feed by standing on it.  

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Top Horse Feeda

Give your horses access to supplements at all time with our protected horse Feeda’s. If you horses require extra minerals and proteinthe Top Horse Feeda is the ultimate solution  

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Dual Chains Fly Control

Fly Control Systems, used in conjunction with a supplement program, provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly way of overcoming problems caused by biting insects.  

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Need a customised feeder?

We can accommodate the feeding needs of a wide range of livestock. If you want a customised feeder, come have a chat with us and see what we can do.

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Feeders designed to
boost your productivity
& profitability

Top quality

We are a leading supplier of premium quality livestock nutrition products for the beef, sheep, goat, and equine industries. Our high-quality ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers with the goal of supplying products at a superior quality and consistency.

Science backed

Top Country takes an innovative approach to our product and system development. We use science backed formulas in our product development and our nutritionists provide product recommendations based on your needs, ensuring your livestock receive the right nutrition to achieve the goals of your livestock enterprise.


Backed by experienced nutritionists

Our team of Nutritionists offer comprehensive one-on-one advice and presence in the field or paddock to help you find the best solution for your livestock enterprise. Each nutritionist is supported by our consulting nutritionist who has 30 years’ experience.

The right ingredients
for the right situation

Our products are created with the right ingredients for the right situation. This way we can make sure there is a product which will work correctly for your unique needs. We choose high quality ingredients designed for the product’s situation.

Made in Queensland

All our dry loose lick supplements, self-regulating production mixes and complete grain rations are manufactured at a centrally located mill in Roma, Queensland. This mill has been manufacturing our high-quality product since 2002. 

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For our full range of nutritional and feeder products head over to our store. You will find the product you are looking for, designed for your situation. If you need further help looking for the perfect solution for your livestock come have a chat with one of our specialist nutritionists, we will be able to find the perfect solution.  

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For premium quality products for your livestock, backed with superior advice and support, and designed by experienced nutritionists, you need Top Country. If you need assistance for which of our products would work best for your livestock enterprise, reach out to us today.  

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