Beef nutrition

Beef nutrition
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Top Country’s dry loose lick supplementation programs for cattle are designed to enhance livestock production at any time of the year. The products and ingredients used are of the highest quality and deliver results cost effectively. Top Country’s mineral based supplements are ideal for feeding cattle on green pastures, while protein based supplements will provide the most limiting nutrients for production during the dry season. 

Each product manufactured by Top Country whether it be a loose lick or grain ration can be customised to suit individual livestock enterprises. A Top Country nutritionist will recommend the supplement that best suits your livestock requirements, your management style and your production targets. To find out how to increase your livestock’s productivity and profitability, contact one of our qualified nutritionists today for an obligation-free recommendation and quote. 

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Our products

Each of our products are completely customisable to the needs of your beef livestock. We want them to have a full nutritionally rich diet which will allow them to be the most productive, increasing profitability. Take a look at our range of different nutritional products below and then give us a call to customise them for your livestock. 

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Grain feeding and Top Beef Concentrate

Top Beef Concentrate is a medicated mineral and vitamin feedlot concentrate used to supply essential minerals and trace elements to fully balance a feedlot or grain assisted ration for cattle and sheep.  It is an additive concentrate suitable to be mixed and included into a diet consisting of grain, protein meals and roughage. 

Cattle finishing rations

This range of grain rations is designed for finishing cattle either on pasture or as a full feed diet in a feedlot situation. The range has been developed to safely introduce grain to the diets of your cattle. By having this steady introduction to grain, combined with the use of buffers and roughage, the risk of acidosis, gorging and bloat are reduced dramatically. 

Cattle weaning rations

Our grain rations provide the necessary energy and protein that is essential for enabling the development of secondary muscle fibres in young, growing cattle. They can be fed ad-lib either in the paddock in calf creep feeders or in intensive situations, usually in self feeders. They are full feed rations that are high in energy, protein and effective fibre. 

Stud bulls

Our range of grain rations are specifically designed for preparing and finishing bulls prior to joining, sale and/or show, keeping fertility and structural soundness in mind. These rations gradually introduce a mixture of grains, meals, buffers and effective fibre to the diets of bulls, reducing the risk of acidosis, bloat and laminitis. The minerals included support skeletal and muscular development. 

Production feeding

Top production combines slow breakdown protein meals with a low inclusion of grain to assist with achieving higher weight gains on dry standing feed. Through the combination of high quality ingredients, we are able to supply a production ration that boasts the practicality of being self-limiting while providing a balance of macro and micro minerals. 

Dry season cattle supplements

This range of supplements are designed for cattle grazing on dry pastures where protein is the most limiting nutrient and increased minerals are not required. They are ideally suited to meet the maintenance requirements of dry cows, weaners, steers and bulls. These supplements provide a combination of fast break-down proteins as well as slow break-down protein meals to assist cattle with digestion of dry pastures. 

Dry season cattle XP supplements

The XP range of supplements is specifically suited to meet the production requirements of breeders, weanersmaiden and second-calf heifers and bulls grazing on dry pastures. These supplements contain 3% phosphorus and 6% calcium to meet their requirements. The balance of minerals ensures optimum levels are absorbed and used for maintenance, milk production, fertility and growth. 

Transition supplements

Top Fos was originally designed as a hay off supplement to be used when the pastures have been hit by the first few frosts of the year. However, we have seen the supplement used in a variety of different situations quite effectively. This supplement provides a full complement of minerals to ensure that mineral deficiencies are not limiting reproduction or weight gains. 

Green pasture supplements

This range of products are mineral supplements specifically designed to be used when the pastures are green and lush. Top Crop is designed for ruminants grazing green crops or lush green pastures. Top Forage is a mineral supplement designed for livestock grazing sorghum and sorghum related species, including Silk Sorghum. Top Wet is a high mineral inclusion supplement ideal for lush, green pastures or cereal crops in mineral deficient areas, or where excessive bone chewing is observed. 

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For premium quality products for your livestock, backed with superior advice and support, and designed by experienced nutritionists, you need Top Country. If you need assistance for which of our products would work best for your livestock enterprise, reach out to us today.  

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