Horse nutrition

horse nutrition

The nutrition of your horses can be improved at any time of the year by identifying their nutritional needs and supplementing them to help most during pregnancy, lactation, growth or workload. Top Country has a select range of dry loose lick horse supplements purposely formulated to sustain horses dietary mineral and protein requirements. The EQ range of supplements contain a number of protein sources, the high protein meal inclusion which are primarily copra meal with additional cottonseed meal added supply the animal with a high quality protein and supplementary energy. 

Products we offer

Each of our products are completely customisable to the needs of your horses. We want them to have a full nutritionally rich diet which will allow them to be the most productive, increasing profitability. Take a look at our range of different nutritional products below and then give us a call to customise them for your horses. 

Top EQ

Top EQ is a loose lick supplement that has been purposely designed as a protein/mineral supplement for horses grazing on dry standing pasture. A dry season equine supplement, such as Top EQ allows the animal to maintain a healthy diet throughout cooler seasons with the combination of the dry pasture in the paddock as well as some supplement. 

Top EQ Calphos

Top EQ Calphos is a moderately concentrated mineral supplement specifically formulated to be fed to horses that have dietary requirements of both mineral and protein. Top EQ Calphos contains low levels of salt and moderate levels of protein meals which acts an attractant and is ideal for when horses are grazing a mixture of pastures, or pastures that are starting to hay off.  

Top EQ Tropical

Top EQ Tropical is a highly concentrated mineral supplement, specifically formulated to combat the effects of Big-Head in Horses in regions predominantly prone to this condition. The high calcium and phosphorus content in this supplement allows horses to meet their mineral requirements on pastures with a low daily intake. 

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For premium quality products for your livestock, backed with superior advice and support, and designed by experienced nutritionists, you need Top Country. If you need assistance for which of our products would work best for your livestock enterprise, reach out to us today.  

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