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Top Country’s dry loose lick supplementation programs for goats are designed to enhance livestock production at any time of the year. The products and ingredients used are of high quality and deliver results cost effectively.

Each of Top Country’s products are part of a complete feeding system for all stock, all sizes, all places all year round. A Top Country nutritionist will recommend the supplement that best suits your livestock requirements, your management style and your production targets.

Products we offer

Each of our products are completely customisable to the needs of your goats. We want them to have a full nutritionally rich diet which will allow them to be the most productive, increasing profitability. Take a look at our range of different nutritional products below and then give us a call to customise them for your goats.

Goat fattening rations

Our range of grain rations have been purposely formulated for finishing younger goats either on pasture or intensively in a feedlot situation. This is a fully balanced program for starting and finishing younger animals allowing them to reach optimal weights at earlier ages therefore meeting opportune markets faster.

Goat weaning rations

This range of grain rations is specifically designed for kids. Both of these rations contain a mixed balance of rolled grains, protein meals and effective fibre. These high energy and high protein grain rations are formulated to enhance rumen development and muscle growth. This ration will ensure that kids maintain a high plane of nutrition after weaning for development and survival.

Spike feeding rations

Top Twin Ewe is a production ration designed specifically to meet the increased nutritional requirements of nanny goats with twins. It can be fed from when the nanny goat is confirmed to be carrying twins to when the twin lambs are weaned. These rations combine the benefits of rolled grains, slow-breakdown protein meals, and a balance of vitamins and minerals, in order to provide a high plain of nutrition to breeding females.

Stud rations

Top Stud Ram is a full grain ration designed specifically for preparing and finishing bucks prior to joining, sale, and show. This ration boasts the benefits of rolled grains, slow breakdown protein meals, effective fibre, minerals and vitamins in order to help your bucks reach their full genetic potential, while reducing the risk of acidosis, bloat, laminitis, and urinary calculi, which commonly occur in stud bucks on grain diets.

Dry pasture supplement

Dry pasture supplements are designed for goats grazing on dry pastures where increased minerals are not required. It is ideal for weaned kids as well as growing and lactating nannies. These supplements are suited for pastures that are beginning to hay-off and continue through into the winter. The supplement provides the mineral and energy levels that are required for stock grazing pastures high in lignin.

Breeder dry pasture supplement

This range of products are designed for goats that are grazing deficient pastures, or lactating. It has increased minerals to improve deficiencies resulting in improved productivity. These supplements are designed for animals heading into and during the dry seasons. As they contain 3% phosphorous and 6% calcium, it is ideal for animals with higher energy requirements or grazing deficient pastures.

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