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Greetings from Mundubbera

 With the green feed we have, our “Green Pasture Licks” are still our most popular choice by far. Especially for those who have heifers & cows ready for joining, although by now most would be thinking about taking the bulls out of the paddock with the hope that most, if not all, cows and breeding heifers are in the first or second trimester of pregnancy. The aim here is to supplement the most limiting nutrient which in most cases is phosphorous.

With that in mind our Top Crop range is still an ideal choice for keeping the females of your herd in peak condition during the gestation period, greatly increasing the chances of putting a strong healthy calf on the ground. However if you do choose to take this advice something else I would recommend is with any heifers in calf that you “crack them off” in the last trimester. The reason behind this is that the Top Crop has already done its job in helping to produce a well-developed & healthy calf. This will then in turn reduce any risk of a difficult calving, predominantly with the maiden heifers in the herd. Perhaps in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, introduce our Springer Lick to help with an easier birth. This only has to be fed for that final 2 week period and is ideal for when calving windows are fairly tight.

After calving, we have seen proven results with the continued use of Top Crop, keeping both milk production & body condition at an optimum. Ultimately, the goal is having your breeders return to cycling earlier & the calves on a rising nutritional plane.

Top Crop is not just limited to the females, with a lot of graziers using it for their steers while feeding green pastures. The apparent difference being reduced phosphorous levels as the male bovine doesn’t require the same amount of phosphorous as the females for milk production during lactation. Whether it be male or female livestock, phosphorous intake is still important for energy, bone formation & fat absorption. A key fact to remember here is that over 70% of Northern Australia suffers phosphorus deficiencies. The most important point I feel here is that our green pasture licks slow down the rate of passage, allowing the animal to absorb as much of the nutrients & minerals from the green feed as possible.

Top Country offers more than just our “Top Crop” range for green pasture grazing. There are other products available, such as “Top Wet”, “Top Background”, & “Top Forage.” Having said that, for those who have forest country, a Top Fos with no gran-am & 5% Urea can also be an alternative particularly for starting Breeders. The best advice I can give is a phone call to any of our friendly sales & nutrition staff to discuss what best suits your operation & the results you want to achieve.

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