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What You Need to Know About Rumensin

A few benefits of adding Rumensin to your supplement or feed include:

  • Increases weight gains by 70-120g/head/day, regardless of the energy and protein level of supplement.
  • Rumensin not only helps to maintain liveweight gains and body condition during the season, but reduces supplementary feed costs at the same time.
  • Rumensin helps cattle to digest their food more efficiently, making more energy available from their total feed intake.
  • For breeders, this extra energy is used to maintain milk production and body condition, thereby helping to improve branding percentages and weaning weights.
  • Prevents Coccidiosis which is a major cause of scouring, sickness, ill thrift and death in calves and weaners.
  • Rumensin alters the composition of the microbial population in the rumen to increase the production of propionic acid, the most efficient of the volatile fatty acids (VFA?۪s) and to decrease production of acetic and butyric acids, which are associated with the production of waste gases, carbon dioxide and methane.

Unfortunately, if you are a property under the PCAS or organics banner, you are ineligible to utilise the benefits of Rumensin, however we are currently in the process of researching an appropriate ingredient to improve your herds' feed conversion rate at a reasonable price.

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