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Sulphur: A Measure for Fly & External Parasite Control

As we currently sit on the fence, staring into a potentially unpleasant parasite season, an increased sulphur inclusion in your supplement can be an effective preventative measure. Biting insects such as flies, ticks and mosquitoes are indirectly repelled by the addition of sulphur at specific levels. Research suggests that the repulsion comes from the increased level of sulphur in the blood which is then secreted through skin pores when provided in safe doses in the diet or supplement. The environment which the parasites would have once thrived now becomes uninviting.

During wet and warm conditions, where parasites typically breed, protein levels in pasture are generally good. With heavy rains and higher ground moisture, minerals can become the primary limiting factor restricting production. Dry lick supplements, particularly in the wetter seasons, form cost effective and safe carriers of sulphur as it simultaneously balances the delivery of these minerals. An additional inclusion of sulphur is promoted at a safe level to achieve insect repulsion in our supplements. This elevated inclusion is season specific and is not designed to be fed continuously (year round) in normal circumstances.

Top Country is an advocate for sustainable agricultural practices and it is our self-appointed duty to target aspects of livestock production which we believe can assist graziers to safely increase productivity. When there is a choice to be made, the benefits of anticipated prevention far out weight the cost of treatment for both your livestock and overall operation!

Author: Emma Turner

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