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What do external parasites cost you in lost production?

Due to the difficultly in measuring such losses, parasites are too often left untreated or treatment is not started until the problem is prevalent and losses have already occurred. DPI research suggested that moderate infestation of buffalo fly resulted in an average production loss of 15kg over approximately 3 months (100 days). There was also a direct relationship between the incidence of pinkeye and buffalo fly treatment where treated pinkeye occurrences became substantially less.

Top Country offers a cost effective, low labour system to reduce the impacts of external parasites. We offer vertical hanging backrubs (Top Rubs) which can be easily hung from Top Feedas and Oil Distributors for ensuring a consistent supply of oil to control external parasites. We recommend Cattle Coat to effectively repel these annoyances without any withholding period.

Along with this organic oil prevention system, we also offer feeding solutions through adding additional Sulphur to our dry licks which has been observed to repel biting insects. To find out more about this prevention method please see our article in News & Information, "Sulphur: A Measure for Fly & External Parasite Control".

For further information on this please contact the sales team at the office on (07) 4622 8330.

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