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New model feeding station available from Top Country

The New Skid Feeda
A new model Skid Feeda has been developed with replaceable skids and has many advantages
In 2015, Top Country developed a new model Skid Feeda to make shifting the feeding station from paddock to paddock easier. This new Skid Feeda is constructed on tough 50mm skids and can be towed empty between paddocks. Having skids allows the feeding station to be moved easily every couple of fills to reduce degradation around the feeding area. The Top Skid Feeda is very sturdy, with up to 3 Feedas able to be towed at once!
This new design will fit in the back of most trayback utes, making transportation over longer distances a breeze. One of the biggest advantages is that if oxidization occurs where the skids contact the ground they can be replaced with very little effort. Even though the skids are more narrow than the bottom ring on the CF500, they are still safe and stable in strong winds.
The new Skid feeda can come with or without the Lid Lift option and retails for just $1250 + Freight + GST from Roma or Mundubbera.

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