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Nicholas Markwell is supplementing his horses for only $130 for the year

Throughout the entire year, Nicholas will spend $130 at Top Country to supplement his horses with high protein, mineral and big head supplements.
The Markwell's have been surprised at the low cost of the program and the great response by the horses to this new product.
These horses are costing 40 cents a day on supplement utilising pasture and keeping his horses in working condition whilst at the same time keeping bighead under control.
The Markwell's are often away mustering for weeks at a time so they were looking for a feeding system that would be self-sustainable and continue while they were absent. The investment in 3 new blue horse feedas has improved the reliability of the program, the consistency of consumptions and has kept the daily costs down.
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Nicholas has found that when fresh horses are added to the paddock, consumptions increase until the new horses have satisfied their needs.
Joanne Markwell commented that all of their brood mares went in foal on their first cycle which doesn?۪t happen very often.
The Markwell's program utilises Top EQ in the winter months when feed is generally dry, then they move to Top EQ Cal Phos when the pasture is green.
A pasture that has a high content of buffel grass brings with it, the concerns associated with Bighead. When the pastures are green, it is advisable to feed Top EQ Cal Phos or Top EQ Tropical to meet the higher calcium requirement.
Please call your Top Country nutritionist for a specialised recommendation.

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