Bulk Trailer

Supplementing livestock is a cost effective way of improving the productivity of a herd and with the addition of a durable, galvanised Fast Feeda trailer, it maximizes productivity and profitability through bulk feeding.

Fast Feeders are an ideal complement to any livestock enterprise allowing bulk supplement to be fed out quickly and easily. It is designed to be able to fill Top Sheep/Goat and Top Cattle Feedas with ease and convenience due to the tilting roof system.

The Fast Feeda is registered to hold 2.5 tonnes and has 2 separate compartments to allow for 2 bulk products to be used at one time. The trailer comes complete with many options including;

  • Scales to weigh input and output of product
  • Trap door to clean out trailer
  • 4 stainless steel trap doors to limit the flow of product
  • Honda electric start motor
  • Electronic brakes
  • 4wd tyres including a spare
  • Rollover tarpaulin for storage
They are quality built, and easy to use allowing for all
family members and staff to be able to complete supplement runs.


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