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It is acknowledged throughout the cattle industry that visually observing & monitoring the dung of your herd is a vital management practice. The consistency, colour and shape of a pile of manure can imply a low/high fibre diet, can suggest the protein level of the diet, and can indicate whether there are any health issues/upsets with the digestive system. Farmers have relied on mere visual observation of manure and pastures for centuries, so why now are producers spending time and money investing in pasture and dung sampling?

Big Head is a general skeletal osteoporosis caused by a calcium and phosphorus imbalance in response to an excess of oxalates found in certain grasses and in un-supplemented grain feeds. The oxalates bind to the free calcium in the grass or feed which prevents absorption and uptake of calcium in the gut and essentially causes the animal to draw calcium from its bones’. The bond is so strong that the calcium passes out in the manure, making the supplement worthless to the horse. Taking steps to ensure your horse is well balanced and supplemented before symptoms arise is extremely important: PREVENTION IS KEY!

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