Stud Ration

Top Stud Ram

Top Stud Ram is a full grain ration designed specifically for preparing and finishing rams and bucks prior to joining, sale, and show. Top Stud Ram has been formulated keeping structural soundness and fertility in mind.

Top Stud Ram boasts the benefits of rolled grains, slow breakdown protein meals, effective fibre, minerals and vitamins in order to help your rams and bucks reach their full genetic potential, while at the same time reducing the risk of acidosis, bloat, laminitis, and urinary calculi, which commonly occur in stud rams and bucks on grain diets. Top Stud Ram contains Full Fat Soy Meal, increasing the palatability of the ration, and enhancing the shine and lustre of the coat.

Top Stud Ram can be fed as a complete feed in the yards, or as a supplement in the paddock. The target intake for Top Stud Ram is 2.5 – 2.7% of Bodyweight/per day when fed as a complete diet.


Total Protein %

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Top Stud Ram