Spike Feeding Rations

Top Twin Ewe and Top Ewe Flush/Single Lamb:

Top Twin Ewe and Top Ewe Flush are production rations designed specifically for spike feeding ewes prior to joining and over the lambing period.

Top Twin Ewe is a production ration designed specifically to meet the increased nutritional requirements of ewes and nanny goats with twins. Top Twin Ewe can be fed from when the ewe is confirmed to be carrying twins at preg testing, to when the twin lambs are weaned.

Ewes and Nanny goats produce 20-40% more milk when nursing twins, and as such their nutritional requirements are 20% higher than single bearing ewes. Ewes and Nanny goats carrying twins are therefore more vulnerable to poor nutrition. Top Twin Ewe combines the benefits of rolled grains, slow-breakdown protein meals, and a balance of vitamins and minerals, in order to provide a high plain of nutrition to breeding females carrying or nursing twins.

Top Twin Ewe is recommended for all ewes and nanny goats with twins in order to minimise ewe abandonment of undernourished lambs at birth, maximise live births rates and weights, weaning percentages and weaning weights. In addition to this, providing the extra nutrition ensures that return to oestrus will also be minimised in what are your most productive breeding ewes and nanny goats. Top Twin Ewe can be fed as a complete feed in the yards, or as a supplement in the paddock. The target intake for Top Twin Ewe is 2.5 – 2.7% of Bodyweight/per day when fed as a complete diet in the yards.

Top Twin Ewe combines a mixture of rolled grains with quality slow breakdown protein meals, trace minerals and vitamins to spike the ewes with energy and improve digestion efficiency. Target consumptions are between 0.5%-1.0% body weight per head per day. This product is best fed ad-lib in a sheep feeda. Top Twin Ewe contains full fat soyabean meal which is a very soft and palatable form of protein to promote growth and digestion efficiency. This products ensures that ewes are able to provide enough nutrients to support the growth of twin lambs as well as maintain their own body condition score.  

Top Ewe Flush/Single Lamb is a similar product to Top Twin Ewe, however it does not contain full fat soyabean meal and is therefore slightly less palatable. It is designed to improve the nutritional plane of ewes prior to joining as well as single lamb bearing ewes. This product contains a reasonable amount of metabolisable energy (ME) which increases glucose levels in the body and in turn increases insulin levels and the amount of reproductive hormones produced. Essentially, it increases the ewes’ chances of cycling and conceiving at joining as well as supporting the nutritional requirements of the ewe whilst lambing and lactating.  

Contact one of Top Country’s qualified nutritionists today for more information on Top Twin Ewe and Top Ewe Flush and develop a feeding program specific to your own enterprise.


Crude Protein %

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