Lamb & Goat Fattening Rations

This range of grain rations have been purposely formulated for finishing younger sheep and goats either on pasture or intensively in a feedlot situation. This is a fully balanced program for starting and finishing younger animals allowing them to reach optimal weights at earlier ages therefore meeting opportune markets faster.

Target consumption rates of between 1-2.7% body weight are to be expected, however this will depend on the size of the feeding paddock and the quality of roughage available. Sheep and goats weighing 20 kg and over are best suited to this program. These rations also contain Rumensin, to improve feed efficiency and growth rates. Rumensin prevents coccidiosis(Scouring) and bloat in lambs and kids. 

Allow at least 2 to 3 cm of self-feeder trough space per head for sheep and goats


This ration has been designed for starting sheep and goats on grain that have not had access to it before. There is a high level of effective fibre in Top Starter Lamb & Goat, which will subsequently minimise the risk of acidosis, bloat and gorging. Through the utilization of high fibre levels this will stimulate optimal rumen functioning, inducing a gradual change in rumen microbial populations to organisms that can tolerate acidic diets. This ration should be fed for 7-10 days prior to increasing grain percentages and moving onto Top Fat Lamb & Goat.


This is a finisher ration used to achieve optimal weight gains and a quicker turnoff through the use of high levels of grain, in combination with effective fibre and buffers. It contains all necessary macro and micro minerals, vitamins and Rumensin to maximise growth and performance. Due to the high grain levels, this ration is very palatable in an intensive full feed situation. Target intakes will be between 2.5-2.7% bodyweight.

SODIUM (mm/kg)
UREA (%)
15 11.0 3.2 0.7 0.3 0.1 31 <1%
TOP FAT LAMB & GOAT 15 11.0 3.0 0.7 0.3 0.1 31 <1%
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