Sheep & Goat Breeder Dry Pasture Supplements

This range of products is designed for sheep and goats that are grazing deficient pastures, or lactating. It has increased minerals to improve deficiencies resulting in improved productivity.

These supplements are designed for animals heading into and during the dry seasons. As they contain 3% phosphorous and 6% calcium, it is ideal for animals with higher energy requirements or grazing deficient pastures. It increases milk production, growth rates, weaning rates and other important factors.

These products also have a high protein level, enabling the animals to increase their daily intakes. They have a range of urea from 2.5-7.5% to allow a slow increase in intakes, without causing toxicity. There is also a high level of protein meals included, which are utilised after urea is used.

These of our supplements include a balance of minerals to reduce deficiencies that may be present. The balance of minerals ensures that the maximum levels are absorbed and used for maintenance, milk production, fertility and growth.

It is recommended that Rumensin® is added to these products to further improve productivity. Rumensin® is a product designed to help cattle digest their food more efficiently by alter the rumen bug composition. With every mouthful consumed, more energy is made available from the feed to improve the feed conversion efficiency.

TOP INTRO XP 10-30 2.0 3.0 1.4 6.0 26-47
TOP START XP 10-30 5.0 3.0 1.4 6.0 32-50
TOP BROWSE XP 00-30 7.5 3.0 1.4 6.0 38-60
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