Cattle Finishing Rations

This range of grain rations is designed for finishing cattle either on pasture or as a full feed diet in a feedlot situation. The range has been developed to safely introduce grain to the diets of your cattle, with a recommendation of 7-10 days on each ration before progressing to the next step. By having this steady introduction to grain, combined with the use of buffers and roughage, the risk of acidosis, gorging and bloat are reduced dramatically. It is recommended that cattle are put onto good quality hay and have a full rumen for around 3 days prior to starting any grain program.

Consumptions on these grain rations are targeted at up to 2.5-2.7% Bodyweight but will depend on the quality and quantity of roughage available and the size of the paddock. This range of grain rations is best suited to cattle 250kg and over and well suited to bulk deliveries into self-feeders.

Top Starter 1 is a grain ration designed for starting cattle on grain that have not previously had access to it. Top Starter 1 has higher levels of effective fibre to minimise the risks associated with acidosis and gorging on grain rations. This ration should be fed for 7-10 days prior to increasing grain percentages and moving to Top Starter 2.

Top Starter 2 is the next step in a grain feeding program following Top Starter 1. It has slightly more grain and less effective fibre than its predecessor. It is recommended that cattle stay on this ration for 7-10 days before going onto Top Finisher. This ration is suitable for feeding out in the paddock or in a feedlot situation.

Top Finisher contains high levels of grain, in combination with effective fibre and buffers to give higher weight gains and quicker turn offs for your herd. Top Finisher works best when cattle are slowly introduced to grain rations through the use of our Top Starter rations. This is a very palatable grain ration and in a full feed situation, will get consumptions between 2.5 – 2.7% Bodyweight.

TOP STARTER 1 13 10.0MJ/kg 3.0 0.8 0.3 0.15 22 mg/kg <1
TOP STARTER 2 13 11.00MJ/kg 2.9 0.8 0.3 0.10 22 mg/kg <1
TOP FINISHER 13 11.00MJ/kg 2.9 0.8 0.3 0.10 22 mg/kg <1
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