Grain Feeding and Top Beef Concentrate

Grain feeding opens opportunities to finish stock when pasture quality and/or quantity are low.   It allows maximum weight gains to be achieved and improves fat cover and carcass qualities. Grain based rations are widely used for preparing commercial stock and stud breeders for sale. Grain can also be feed to weaners, allowing more flexibility when managing a breeding operation. Grain promotes rumen papillae development in young ruminants and reduces production losses at weaning.

Some tips to improve production and profitability when feeding a grain ration include:

  • Allow at least 10 to 15 cm of self-feeder space trough per head for cattle
  • Feed only good quality hay for the first 1 or 2 days to fill the animal’s rumen to promote cud chewing and prevent acidosis problems.
  • Ensure that the ration has adequate effective fibre to suit the age and condition of the stock you are feeding
  • Set the doors low on self feeders to prevent wastage of feed and gorging.
  • Avoid running out of feed as this increases the likelihood acidosis from hungry stock overcoming
  • Clean, good quality water is essential

Top Beef Concentrate

Top Beef Concentrate is a medicated mineral and vitamin feedlot concentrate used to supply essential minerals and trace elements to fully balance a feedlot or grain assisted ration for cattle and sheep.  Its is an additive concentrate suitable to be mixed and included into a diet consisting of grain, protein meals and roughage. Recommended inclusion rate of Top Beef Concentrate, is 40 kg of concentrate to a tonne of finished feed.

SODIUM (mg/kg)
UREA (%)
BEEF CONCENTRATE 30 4.5MJ/kg 0.7 15 0.6 0.9 500  10
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