Production Feeding

Top Production

This production combines slow breakdown protein meals with a low inclusion of grain to assist with achieving higher weight gains on dry standing feed. Through the combination of these ingredients, we are able to supply a production ration that boasts the practicality of being self-limiting while providing a balance of macro and micro minerals.

Top Production is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with dry feed and works by improving the rumen function so that the mature feed sources can be broken down quicker and more completely. Top Production is a self-limiting ration which targets consumptions around 0.5% Body Weight/head/day. This ration is very versatile, suiting a variety of weight ranges and situation.

Top Production is an ideal option for safely preparing bulls and/or rams prior to joining, as it increases weight gains at a consistent rate when dry feed is available.   Alternatively, Top Production can be used quite effectively to get heifers on a rising plane of nutrition prior to joining with the bull to ensure they are to weight and mature in terms of reproduction. Top Production can also be used to feed weaners that are between 170—250 kg when there is dry feed available. Top Production is a much more economic option for weaners within this weight range when compared to grain, as their consumptions are much lower, but they still require more protein and energy than the pastures provide.

Top Background

Top Background has a moderate grain inclusion, complemented by slow breakdown protein meals and a balance of macro and micro minerals. This self-limiting production supplement has a target consumption of around 1% bodyweight per day and is designed for use on green pastures and/or crops. Top Background increases weight gains above what they achieve on pastures alone by supporting higher populations of the rumen bacteria, resulting in faster turnoffs. On this production ration, higher weight gains are attained than what dry licks can achieve with less labour expenditure than full grain rations.

Top Background aids in preventing scours that often occur on lush, green feed by slowing down the rate of passage through the rumen so a more complete digestion is possible. By combining grains and meals, Top Background is able to get consumptions at the target rates even when combined with greener, more palatable pastures. A balance of Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium of supplied in Top Background, relative to the higher growth and production potentials that are obtained on greener forages.

Top Background is suitable for:

  •     Preparing bulls prior to joining when pasture is green
  •     Next step after grains rations in the early weaning program
  •     Feeding heifers to get them on a rising plane of nutrition prior to joining or to get them to weigh for joining
  •     Palatable enough to get consumptions at about 1% BW on lush, green feed
  •     Long term preparation of weaner bulls to aid in achieving constant weight gains through changing seasons.

Top Grower


SODIUM (mg/kg)
UREA (%)
TOP BACKGROUND 22 11 4.0 1.9 1.0 0.3 33.0 <1
TOP PRODUCTION 40 10.2 6.6 1.8 1.0 1.0 54.0 2.5
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