Dry Season Cattle XP Supplements

The XP range of supplements is specifically suited to meet the production requirements of breeders, weaners (live weight >200kg), maiden and second-calf heifers and bulls grazing on dry pastures.

These supplements contain 3% phosphorus and 6% calcium to meet the requirements of pregnant and lactating stock grazing on deficient country. The balance of minerals ensures that the optimum levels are absorbed and used for maintenance, milk production, fertility and growth. The increased mineral composition of this range, compared to the standard dry season range, means that the XP supplements are less palatable thus consumptions of 200-300g/head/day are achievable when fed under the right circumstances.

These products contain a combination of fast break-down proteins as well as slow break-down protein meals to assist cattle with the digestion of dry pastures. The slow break down protein meals can be utilised by the rumen microbes for digestion from half an hour up to 12 hours, allowing cattle to graze the paddock more consistently and for an extended period of time.

The urea content is increased in safe and steady increments from 5-15% to reduce the risk of poisoning. Consumptions are targeted between 200-300g/head/day for each of these products. If cattle appear to be over-consuming please consult a Nutritionist to discuss the range of quality ingredients we have for limiting intake.  It is important to consult a Nutritionist before feeding any urea based products to your livestock.

It is recommended that Rumensin® is added to these products to further improve productivity. Rumensin® is a product designed to help ruminants digest their food more effectively by favouring the production of more efficient bacteria. With every mouthful consumed, more energy is made available from the feed to improve the feed conversion ratio.

TOP START XP 0-30 5.0 3.0 1.4 6.0 36-50
TOP SEASON XP 0-30 10.0 3.0 1.4 6.0 49-62
TOP LINK XP 0-30 15.0 3.0 2.0 6.0 62-76
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