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Top Fos

Top Fos was originally designed as a hay off supplement to be used when the pastures have been hit by the first few frosts of the year. However we have seen the supplement be used in a variety of different situations quite effectively. This supplement provides a full compliment of minerals to ensure that mineral deficiencies are not limiting reproduction or weight gains. Top Fos is suitable for cattle, sheep and goats, and is well suited to pasture with diminishing protein when phosphorus is also known to be a limiting nutrient.

This supplement range has the ability to be altered to meet the requirements of indidual situations, by altering the concentrations of urea, salt and ammonium sulphate we can target optimal consumption rates and weight gains. Top Fos is generally used in light and marginal country where animals are considered to be phosphorus deficient and is therefore less palatable than the XP range due to the higher phosphorus levels. As it is high in both minerals and protein it is ideal to be fed from the first frost right through until the grass has little to no protein and then can be changed to a higher protein supplement.

Top Fos is a versatile supplement and is ideal to be used when there is combination of cattle/sheep/goats in a paddock, as the urea can be increased in 2.5% increments to cater for the different animals and changing protein levels in the pastures. It is an ideal supplement for breeders as it supplies high levels of phosphorus especially during lactation and calving which promotes increased quality and quantities of milk production. Target consumptions of around 200 grams of head/day which provides 12 grams of phos/head/day.

  Salt (%) Urea (%) Phos (%) Sulp (%) Calcium (%) Protein (%)
 Top Fos 0-30 0-10 in 2.5 increments 6 2 9-12 12-53
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